Manual deployment

Trigger a set of synthetic tests after deploying changes to your website.

A deployment in SpeedCurve is a group of synthetic tests triggered simultaneously, optionally accompanied by a name and description. In some cases, additional metadata – such as an author, branch name and commit hash – may be included if the deployment was triggered via a GitHub integration.

It's recommended that you integrate performance testing into your CI/CD workflow by triggering tests automatically on every new release of your code.

There are a few ways you can trigger a deployment manually, as well:

  • 'Test Now' or 'Add deploy' buttons – Some folks find it easier to just click on the 'Test Now' button in the SpeedCurve UI. You can find this button in the navigation sidebar on every page, as well as on the Deployments and Synthetic Tests dashboards. See our step-by-step guide for how to add a manual deploy.
  • SpeedCurve CLI – Use the speedcurve deploy to trigger deploys for your sites.
  • Deploy API – Use the SpeedCurve API to add a new deployment. This is easy to do using "curl" at the command line or any REST API client (such as Postman).

Any of the above methods will result in a new deployment being added to your Deployments dashboard.