User event logs

See an audit log of user activity across teams.

To see your audit log, navigate to Admin by hovering over your user name in the bottom-left corner. 

Next, click on EVENTS from the Admin menu.

We pull the last 1000 events in your history for review and displaying them in descending order. 

By default, we hide the "View" events. This is to eliminate noise and allow you to focus on changes to your settings, etc. If you uncheck this option, you will get a full list of "View" events for your account.

  • Date: UTC time of the event
  • Team: The primary team the User belongs to that triggered the event
  • User: The user who triggered the event
  • Name: The name of the specific area that was changed or viewed
  • Type: The category of the change that was made
  • Action: The action the user took
  • Info: Additional context for the event