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SpeedCurve Support Docs

Web Performance Guide

Just starting your web performance journey? Learn about performance monitoring, plus tips for creating a performance culture in your company.

Getting Started

Started your SpeedCurve account and need to setup Synthetic and RUM monitoring properly? We'll take you through the process step by step.


Everything you need to know to manage your Synthetic and RUM settings, as well as all the admin how-tos you need to manage your account.


Overwhelmed by metrics? Here's our glossary of the most common metrics, plus a deeper dive into those that require a bit more explanation.

Using SpeedCurve

Get the most out of SpeedCurve – from CI/CD integration and performance budgets through to diagnostics and business analytics.


From quick dashboard tours to hands-on demos for things like tracking Core Web Vitals, comparing synthetic tests, and diagnosing third-party regressions.

Troubleshooting & FAQs

Our goal is to make your monitoring as easy as possible, but issues are inevitable. Find answers to common problems and questions here.

SpeedCurve API

Our API lets you do things like manage test settings, retrieve performance budgets, trigger deploy tests, configure RUM, and more.


Step-by-step guides for common tasks when setting up performance monitoring or identifying performance issues.

Explore our recipes

API Reference

Full documentation of our REST API so you can integrate SpeedCurve with your CI/CD process.

Explore the REST API
Explore the RUM JS API


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