Using User Timing

How to use User Timing to create custom metrics in SpeedCurve RUM and Synthetic.

[Supported in SpeedCurve RUM and Synthetic]

What is User Timing?

The User Timing specification provides an API which can be used to add custom timing metrics to your application. This is done via two main functions: performance.mark and performance.measure.


User Timing in Action

Learn more about User Timing metrics, including several great examples and a deeper explanation of how it works here

Adding custom timing metrics with User Timing

You can add a custom timing metric to SpeedCurve using User Timing.

Step 1

Step 2

Select 'User Timing API' and click 'Next'

Step 3

  • Add the name of the metric you'd like to see in your charts and dashboards
  • Add the name of the User Timing entry you want to collect

Step 4

Once complete, you will see your metric listed on the custom data page.