Synthetic: JSON content type changed

We've made a small tweak to our content types. Previously JSON requests were incorrectly tagged with the "Javascript" content type. We now tag any JSON requests with "Other".


RUM: Performance Heat Maps


Change the chart summary metric


Vitals recommendations

RUM update: lux.js v301

25 April 2022


RUM update: Path filter

We've added a Path filter for your RUM data.


Synthetic update: Compare third parties

When comparing two synthetic tests we now give you a comparison of common third parties and also identify which third parties are unique to each test.

RUM update: lux.js v300

22 February 2022

Synthetic update: Chrome 97, Firefox 96, Lighthouse 9.3

We have released the latest version of our synthetic test agents to all regions. This release includes the latest stable version of Chrome, Firefox, and Lighthouse.