Add SpeedCurve to your WAF or bot manager allowlist

If you are experiencing issues with your website blocking traffic from SpeedCurve, you may need to configure your firewall (WAF) or bot manager (Akamai, CloudFlare, etc) to allow our servers to reach your website.

This guide will walk you through how to allow SpeedCurve traffic using user-agent sniffing. This is the simplest way to allow SpeedCurve traffic, but if you are unable to use this method then you may need to consider our other methods.

Instructions for CloudFlare

  1. Log into your CloudFlare dashboard and navigate to the WAF page under the Security section.
  2. Click on Create firewall rule.
  3. Set the rule name to SpeedCurve.
  4. For the incoming request match rule, set the field to User Agent and the Operator to contains. Set the value to PTST/SpeedCurve.
  5. Set the action to Allow.
  1. Click on Deploy firewall rule.

Instructions for all other WAF & bot manager providers

Most firewall and bot manager providers have a facility to allow traffic based on user-agent. You should configure the allowlist of your firewall or bot manager provider to allow traffic where the User-Agent header contains PTST/SpeedCurve.

The following links may be useful: