Add and edit users, admins, and teams

You can add as many users and teams as you'd like to your SpeedCurve account.

About users

There are three user permission levels:

  • Org Admin – View and edit any team and all its associated settings; add teams; allocate budgets for Synthetic checks and LUX pageviews; add more org admins, team admins, and view-only users; see company-wide usage data
  • Team Admin – View each team you've been added to; edit team test settings and run tests; add more team admins
  • View Only – View any team you've been added to

About teams

Teams are really useful when you're a large organization and you have multiple teams working on different web properties, or you're an agency and you have multiple clients and you want to set up a new set of dashboards for each one of those clients and control access permissions across those different teams as well.

Team data is completely siloed, so it's important to know that you cannot access or compare data across teams.

Add an Org Admin

You must be an Org Admin to add other Org Admins. You'll know if you're an Org Admin if "Admin" is in the admin menu in the bottom-left corner of the nav.

  1. Click on Admin > Admins. This will take you to a page that contains a list of your current org admins.
  2. Click the green "Invite a New Admin" button and follow the prompts.

Add a Team Admin or View Only user

  1. Use the menu in the bottom-left corner of the nav and click on Team.
  2. Click on "Users" to see all the users for that team, as well as their current permission level.
  3. Click the green "Invite a New Person" button and follow the prompts to invite them and set their permission level.

Delete admins and users

  • To delete an admin, go to Admin > Admins, and click on the username. Then click the red "Remove Admin" button.
  • To delete other users, go to Team > Users, and click on the username. Then click the red "Remove User" button.

Add and edit teams

Only Org Admins can add and edit teams. To do this, go to Admin > Teams. There you'll see a list of teams (or just one team, if you're just getting started with SpeedCurve).

  • To edit team information – such as team name, team URL snippet, timezone, and checks/month budget – click on the team name. (Note that if you only have one team in your account and want to change the URL snippet, you need to do that on your Billing page.)
  • To add a new team, just hit the green "Add a New Team" button and follow the prompts. IMPORTANT: You can only add a new team if you have unused checks available. If you're seeing a message that says "No budget left", that means you need to free up some checks by editing the checks budgets in your other teams.
  • To edit/allocate checks to teams, click on the team name and edit the checks budget for that team.

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