Track conversion rates

How to use RUM to track conversion rates and correlate them against your performance metrics

You can use SpeedCurve RUM to track your conversion rates. This opens up many possibilities, including being able to correlate conversions with performance metrics. In this example below, there is a strong correlation between conversion rate and page load time - that is, users with a faster page load time are more likely to convert.

How to track conversions

Conversions are tracked using SpeedCurve's real user monitoring solution (RUM). If you're not already using RUM, you can start a free trial in just a few simple steps.

You can find a reference for the different options for tracking conversions in the Conversions section for tracking custom data.

How to view conversion data in SpeedCurve

After setting up creating your conversion event, you will see some new correlation charts at the top of your RUM Users dashboard. This metric will also be available to plot in your Favorites charts.

Tracking multiple conversion events

There's no limit to the number of conversion custom metrics you can create in SpeedCurve, so you can make your conversion events as granular as you like. Here are some examples of conversion events to track:

  • One conversion event for each step of a checkout process, to help you track where customers drop off.
  • When somebody creates an account.
  • When somebody uses a specific feature, like a search form.