Data retention

How long your Synthetic and RUM data is retained, and how you can export your historical data for your own use.

The easiest way to export your data is to download .csv files for your charts. Just click on the options menu (cog icon) at the top right of any chart.

If you want to export larger datasets, here's how data retention and export works with SpeedCurve:

Synthetic data

Your Synthetic data is available for a year.

Here's how you can export your Synthetic data via our API, as well as via an open-source tool called speedcurve2csv.

RUM data

Generic RUM data

Your RUM data is available for 90 days.

Here's how you can set up a daily dump of your raw RUM data that you can download from our AWS S3 bucket.

RUM JS error details

RUM errors data is available for 7 days.