Export Synthetic data

Your SpeedCurve test data is available via our Synthetic API as well as via an open-source tool called speedcurve2csv.

Your Synthetic data is available within the SpeedCurve UI for one year. If you want to keep your historical test data, you can export it in JSON format via our API.

There are the following approaches for exporting tests data via API:

Get all tests for date range

Export tests data for a date range, site, browser or region via Get all tests API endpoint (results are paginated).

Get tests for a single URL

Export tests data for a single URL via Get all tests for a URL API endpoint.

If you'd like to export all synthetic data using the URL endpoint, the steps are the following:

  1. Get all URLs across all your sites
  2. Iterate all URLs from step 1 and request tests for each URLs via Get all tests for a URL API endpoint.

For any chart you can also export a large PNG image designed to look good on a light or dark background and a CSV of all the data in that chart. Just click on the options menu (cog icon) at the top right of any chart.


Matteo Fogli – CTO of MODO, and a Speedcurve power user – has created a tool called speedcurve2csv that allows you to export your SpeedCurve test data as a csv file. It's available here.