Usage history

How to see current, historic, and projected utilization of your budgeted synthetic checks and LUX page views.

We want to make sure you are getting the most value possible from SpeedCurve. While you may see reminders from us from time to time, as an admin you can always check your current and historical utilization. This can help you decide where to budget your synthetic checks or monthly RUM pageviews across domains or teams.

To get started, navigate to Admin by hovering over your username in the bottom left corner. The Usage section will be the first view displayed in the Admin section.

First, you'll be presented with a view of usage across your teams. This is a great way to see if spikes in utilization due to deployments, recently changed or created tests, or increased traffic to your site are impacting your overall budget.

Next, you'll see how this utilization is affecting your available budget. The remaining checks or page views for RUM reset at the beginning of your monthly anniversary date.

Below these charts you will see a table detailing usage by billing month and how the budgeted checks were spent (i.e. Scheduled Checks or Deploy/Test Now checks). If you are a PAYG customer, you will see your monthly cost in place of your remaining checks and usage.

For RUM customers, you'll see a slightly more simplified table that details pageviews consumed. This is a great way to understand whether you should adjust your sample rate, or perhaps look at adding an additional domain for monitoring.

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