Track Core Web Vitals

SpeedCurve provides visibility into Core Web Vitals throughout the product. Here are a few areas for consideration.

Vitals dashboard

Find and fix CWV issues with the Vitals dashboard. This view uses both RUM (if available) and Synthetic to provide you with the current performance at the 75th percentile and where you land within the recommended thresholds. Each section provides more detail including any suggests from your Lighthouse results specific to the vital.

Site Dashboard

The Site dashboard shows you where your pages fall comparatively across your site. At a glance, you can quickly see where you may have issues with your CWV that are page specific.

There are many other curated dashboards that include Core Web Vitals reporting.

Building a custom CWV dashboard

You can use Custom dashboards & charts to build your own CWV dashboard including performance budgets and weekly reporting. Watch this video to learn how:


Learn more

To learn more, read Get Started with Core Web Vitals in our Introduction to Web Performance series