Share dashboards

How to share your SpeedCurve dashboards with other people or display them on a TV screen without having to log in.

You can share your SpeedCurve dashboards with other people without having to give them a login.

Every dashboard has a share option which you access from the ... icon at the top-right corner of the page. The share option reveals a box containing the URL to share this dashboard. 

This URL allows anybody to view your dashboards, so share it wisely. 

Display your dashboards on a big screen


SpeedCurve dashboards work great on a big screen to give your team an overview of your performance metrics. To optimise the dashboards for a big screen, you can append the &tv=1 query parameter to your share URLs to enable TV mode.

You can also enable TV mode by clicking the ... icon at the top-right corner of any dashboard and selecting TV Mode. You can disable TV mode in the same way. 

In TV mode, the SpeedCurve navigation and drop-down controls are hidden, and the font size and spacing between charts is reduced to optimise screen real estate.

Automatically reload your dashboards

SpeedCurve does not have any built-in features to automatically reload your dashboards on a regular basis. Instead, you can do this using a browser extension.

Sharing link permissions

Our current sharing link implementation doesn't allow to restrict access to just single dashboard or rescind the sharing link.

If you want to stop sharing and need to revoke the existing sharing link please contact the support team.