Export RUM data

How to export RUM data to mashup with your internal databases and dashboards

We work really hard to create dashboards that show you the most important data for improving the design and performance of your website. SpeedCurve also has Favorite dashboards where you can view your data in any charts you want.

With the RUM API, it's possible to add any data you want to your SpeedCurve RUM data, including data like customer id, cart size, conversions, and A/B tests.

We hope these help you use SpeedCurve to access all your RUM-related data. But sometimes it still might be necessary to export your RUM data, for example, if you want to mash it up with internal data that is only available in other services. Or if you want to keep your historical data beyond the three months that it's available in the SpeedCurve UI.

To support these scenarios, it's possible to set up a daily dump of your RUM data that you can download from our AWS S3 bucket. The dump includes the raw data for every page view collected the previous day (midnight to midnight UTC).

If you'd like to try exporting your RUM data, simply enable the export in Settings > RUM > RUM Export API. A more in-depth technical guide can be found in your Settings, which explains the file format, schema and data structure.

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