We get a lot of questions from our LUX customers about specifying domains for LUX. Here's an FAQ.

Q: How do I specify the domains for LUX?

A: Choose the Team that you want to modify. Click on Settings. At the bottom click on "Edit LUX". Enter one or more domains separated by commas. Specifying just the main hostname (e.g., "yourdomain.com") automatically includes all subdomains. If you only want to include certain subdomains and exclude others, then enter the subdomains you want measured by LUX (e.g., "www.yourdomain.com", "staging.yourdomain.com", "support.yourdomain.com").

Q: Can I add LUX to multiple domains?

A: Yes, you can add LUX to as many domains as you want. Note that you're responsible for staying within your LUX budget.

Q: Can I add LUX to multiple Teams in my Org?

A: Yes, you can add LUX to as many Teams as you want. (Learn more about creating Teams.) Note that each Team has a different LUX_ID, so you need to make sure that you embed the LUX snippet that corresponds to each Team. Also note that you're responsible for making sure the total number of LUX page views across all your Teams stays within your LUX budget.

Q: How do I separate the data by domain?

A: If you have multiple domains configured for a single team, your LUX dashboards will contain a filter for domain that you can use to look at individual domains or sub domains. This is also available to you in your favorites dashboards. If you have LUX configured across multiple teams, there is no need to use the domain filter. Just make sure you have selected to appropriate Team when looking at your dashboards.

Q: Can multiple Teams view the data for the same domain?

A: No. LUX data for a domain can only be associated with a single Team. A solution frequently used when an Org has multiple Teams that all want to view the same LUX data is create a new Team that everyone has access to. In that Team you then create a separate Favorites dashboard for each group within your Org. That way, each group sees the view of LUX data that is appropriate for them, and they aren't distracted by looking at data that isn't relevant. Note that performance budget notifications can be customized at the Favorites dashboard level, so people only get the notifications relevant to the performance budgets they've created.

Q: Can I add LUX to a domain behind the firewall?

A: Yes. Sometimes customers want to confirm that LUX works by deploying the code on a staging environment behind their firewall. This works fine. You just need to make sure to add that domain to your LUX Settings.

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