What's changed?

The chart editor

The biggest change you'll notice is a new chart editor. This editor was built from the ground up to accommodate a range of new features, including two new chart types (explained below) and a live chart preview.

You still access the editor in the same way - either by clicking Add Chart at the top of any Favorites dashboard, or by clicking Edit Chart in the Options menu of any chart. There's now also a handy Edit shortcut right in the chart header: 

Moving charts

Previously, you could move charts by dragging and dropping them around the dashboard. We found this to be a little difficult to use, so we removed the drag/drop feature and adde  Move Up and Move Down links to each chart's Options menu instead:

What's new?

Live chart preview

The editor now includes a live chart preview so you can see your changes as you make them. 

New chart types

We're excited to add two new chart types to Favorites: Histograms and Correlations.

Histograms help you to see the distribution of your performance data. They are particularly useful when splitting the data into cohorts, for example this histogram showing the page load time for desktop versus mobile browsers:

Correlations let you see the relationship between two or more metrics. They can be useful for determining what impact a performance metric has on a business metric. For example in the chart below, we can see that sessions with a higher average load time tend to have a higher bounce rate.

Other chart types are in the works, including Lists and Filmstrips. Is there a specific chart type that you'd like to see in Favorites? We'd love to hear from you! 

Multiple customer data filters

If you're a LUX customer, you can now have multiple customer data filters. This enables you to drill down even further into your real user data. 

Getting support

If you have any issues with the new Favorites editor, please let us know by emailing support@speedcurve.com

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