Triggers tests for the site

Add a deployment and trigger an additional round of testing for one of the sites in your team. A note is also automatically added to your charts.

Depending on the number of URLs you have it can take a few min to complete a round of tests across your site so we don't recommend making this a dependency for deployments. Rather you should trigger a post deployment request to the API to trigger a round of testing once your release is live.

Common reasons of getting 403 HTTP error status when submitting a new deploy:

  • a deploy is in progress - only one deploy at a time is allowed on a specific site_id or url_id. You must wait for it to complete before kicking off another deploy.
  • checks per month quota exceeded for the team - please increase checks quota for your team.
  • some tests failed to be added - try later or contact the support team.

Error codes

HTTP codeErrorReason
400No site_id or url_id provided for deploy.Please provide site_id or url_id with your request.
403Unable to add a deploy. Checks per month budget exceeded for this Team. Please contact your Admin to increase the budget for your Team or chat to SpeedCurve support about upgrading your account with more checks.Not enough checks to add a deploy. Increase your checks quota or contact support.
403Deploy testing is currently in progress. Only one deploy at a time is allowed on a specific site or URL.Deploy is in progress. Please try later.
403There are no tests to request for deployment. Do you have any sites in your team?No URLs found to test, please make sure you have at least one active site.
404Team not found.

URL not found. You can check the url_id using the /urls endpoint.

No site found. You can check the site_id using the /sites endpoint.
Provided team ID, site ID or URL ID is not found.
500Failed to add a note for this deploy.Server error, please contact support.
503The deploy API is not available at the moment. Please try again later.Server maintenance is in progress, please try later.

Please also see the list of generic API error codes.

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