RUM INP Attribution and subparts

We are now displaying the element selector for INP, along with the subpart timings, in the RUM Performance dashboard.

INP values are colored according to the CWV thresholds:

Green = <200ms
Yellow = 200-500ms
Red = >500ms

The following new subpart timings have been introduced as of the last lux.js update RUM update: lux.js v314 and are now available in the UI as well as in Favorites dashboards.

Input delay
Input delay measures from the time that the user interaction started (when the input was received) until the event handler is able to run.

Processing time
Processing time includes the time it takes event callbacks, initiated by the interaction, to complete.

Presentation Delay
Presentation delay is the time it takes the frame to be presented after the event callbacks are completed.

You can learn more about this feature by reading this post: