Custom Data: Settings, conversion tracking and Server Timing

25th May 2023 (UTC)

Custom Data updates

We've rolled out some fairly significant updates and changes to the way customers manage custom data in SpeedCurve.

Settings Changes

Custom data settings for both RUM and Synthetic are located in the main Settings page within the SpeedCurve app. There are now 3 categories of custom data; Conversions, Dimensions, and Metrics.


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Managing Custom Data in SpeedCurve.

URL Patterns for tracking conversions [RUM Only]

You can now use URL Patterns to define a conversion in SpeedCurve. This update allows you to track conversion rates without adding any code to your own site.

Support for Server Timing - [RUM Only]

Server Timing enables the communication of server-side data to the user agent. SpeedCurve collects this data through the use of a JavaScript interface. By Using Server-Timing headers, you can collect custom timing & size metrics as well as custom dimensions and metadata for use in your charts and dashboards.