Click through each link to explore each dashboard in our live interactive LUX demo.

Live dashboard

Constantly updates to show the users who are currently visiting your site. 

Users dashboard

The first thing you see on the Users dashboard are your engagement charts, which show you correlations between start render and load time and bounce rate:

As its name suggests, the Users dashboard gives you information about your users, including page views broken out by type of user interaction. It also shows the top pages, browsers, viewports, cities, and countries across all your users. This information is really useful for designing more accurate synthetic tests.

Performance dashboard

Shows core performance metrics like:

  • backend vs frontend time, 
  • User Timing custom metrics (if you have any), and 
  • time to first user interaction (often the best reflection of the user's experience). 

Design dashboard

The Design dashboard shows how performance and design affect the user experience. For example, at the top of this dashboard, you can see the impact of blocking assets on key metrics like start render:

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