On the Enterprise plans you can connect your own private agents to SpeedCurve and run tests through them using our UI. You can mix and match test results from our agents running on AWS and your own private locations.

People run private agents for a number of reasons:

  1. An agent inside the corporate firewall so that dev and staging environments can be tested.
  2. Add extra locations that we don't have like China, Central America etc.
  3. Run agents on actual mobile devices like iPhone & Android over real mobile networks.
  4. Some sites (e.g. ticket sales) block all traffic from AWS where our agents run, so they put agents on other hosts so they are not blocked.

Customers on Enterprise plans can deploy their own WebPageTest agents. With a little extra work on our side we can make those agents selectable from within your SpeedCurve Settings, thus allowing you to schedule tests and collect results for an internal site.

To run your own private test agent you need to set up a test machine following the WebPageTest instructions and then point the test agent to the SpeedCurve WebPageTest instance. There's also a Docker image which makes it easy to get an agent up and running. The agent then polls our server for work and software updates so we don't need remote access to the agent behind your firewall and as long as you keep the agent up and running we'll be able to use it to run tests and show results within the standard SpeedCurve UI.

Setting up a private agent usually takes 4-6 hours. If you're wanting to run one in your Amazon AWS VPC there are AMIs available and you can get one up and running in 30min.

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