Your SpeedCurve Sites and URLs are checked at various times throughout the day based on the scheduled times in your Settings. But sometimes you want to run a test immediately. For example, after you've pushed a code change or added new URLs to your Settings.

There are two ways you can check your Sites immediately:

  • deploy API - You can use the SpeedCurve API to add a new deployment. This is easy to do using "curl" at the commandline.

  • TEST NOW! button - Some folks find it easier to just click on the TEST NOW! button in the SpeedCurve UI. You can find this under Settings and Deploy.

Both methods kick off a round of tests and compares the results to the previous deployment tests, and lets you assess your Site right away.

How long do tests take?

When you use the API or Test Now button we put your tests in a higher priority queue.

Since we're recording video and saving a whole heap of in depth information about each page load it takes around 2min for each individual test to complete. We spread the tests out over hundreds of agents so that we can run lots of concurrent tests and it means each round of testing kicked off by a deploy or test now finishes in around 5min.

If there are any issues with a test we'll retry it and if there are any issues with the agent we'll wait for up to an hour before finalising the round of testing. If you regularly find your testing stalls for up to an hour then it's worth double checking any of your WebPageTest scripts and contacting us on to investigate further.  

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