We run all our WebPageTest agents using Amazon AWS EC2 so that you get a consistent test environment across all regions.


US East Coast (Northern Virginia)
US West Coast (Northern California)
Canada (Central)
Ireland (Dublin)
England (London)
Germany (Frankfurt)
Sweden (Stockholm)
France (Paris)
Japan (Tokyo)
Korea (Seoul)
Hong Kong
Australia (Sydney)
India (Mumbai)
Brazil (São Paulo)

AWS EC2 Instance Size

  • c5.large

  • 2nd generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors (Cascade Lake)

  • vCPU = 2

  • Memory = 4 GiB

  • Storage = SSD

Do you want to test in a location you don't see here?

On larger annual plans, you can connect your own private agents to SpeedCurve and run tests through them using our UI. You can mix and match test results from our agents running on AWS and your own private locations. 

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