Viewing individual test results

The first step to viewing detailed test results is to navigate through to the test result page in SpeedCurve. This can be done by clicking on a single point on any chart* and then clicking View Test.

*This works for any chart except for Favorites charts that use the Average stat. This is because each point in one of these charts is the average of several tests, and there is no single test that represents the average.

When you have navigated to an individual test result page, you should take note of the Test ID, which you will use later. This can be found in the URL: 

From this page, you can find some useful links directly below the waterfall chart: 

  • Detailed Results will take you to the underlying WebPageTest results for that test.

  • Timeline Trace will take you to an in-browser Chrome DevTools view of the test timeline. Note that this view will only work in Google Chrome.

Viewing the underlying WebPageTest results

Clicking through to the WebPageTest Results will bring you to a page that shows the results for all test runs that were performed for that test. Note that SpeedCurve uses the median of these test runs.


We show some of the headers in the SpeedCurve Waterfall chart but if you want them all, here's how to find them...

First choose the right run. We always do at least 3 runs and the median run is the one with a filmstrip and video available.

Select the WPT waterfall chart to go through to the details page. Once on the details page you can click any request on the chart to open a popup with all the header details like user-agent.

Viewing the timeline trace

Clicking through to the Timeline Trace will bring you to an in-browser version Chrome DevTools, with the trace profile for the test already loaded.  

Viewing test result data as JSON 

You can view the raw test result data as JSON at the following URL:<test_id>.

This will load the full test result data for all test runs.

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