You can share your SpeedCurve dashboards with other people without having to give them a login.

Every dashboard has a share button in the top-right corner of the page. Clicking this will reveal a box containing the URL to share this dashboard. 

This URL allows anybody to view your dashboards, so share it wisely. 

Displaying your dashboards on a big screen

SpeedCurve dashboards work great on a big screen to give your team an overview of your performance metrics. To optimise the dashboards for a big screen, you can append the &tv=1 query parameter to your share URLs to enable TV mode.

In TV mode, the SpeedCurve navigation and drop-down controls are hidden, and the font size and spacing between charts is reduced to optimise screen real estate.

Automatically reloading your dashboards

SpeedCurve does not have any built-in features to automatically reload your dashboards on a regular basis. Instead, you can do this using a browser extension.

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