SpeedCurve Synthetic is based on WebPageTest (WPT) and while we pull a lot of info out of WPT into our UI there can be some detailed info you still need to drop down into WPT for.

Getting to WPT

For any data point on any chart you can click to open a popup with options. Click "View Test" to see all the details and waterfall chart for the test.

At the bottom of any SpeedCurve Waterfall you can click "WebPageTest Results" to see the original WebPageTest data.


We show some of the headers in the SpeedCurve Waterfall chart but if you want them all, here's how to find them...

First choose the right run. We always do at least 3 runs and the median run is the one with a filmstrip and video avalible.

Select the WPT waterfall chart to go through to the details page. Once on the details page you can click any request on the chart to open a popup with all the header details like user-agent.

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