What is a check?

Your SpeedCurve plan is billed based on the number of performance checks you make a month.

Each check equals a single page being loaded by one of our testing agents using a real web browser with the resulting performance metrics and video frames being recorded. If you've used WebPageTest.org before then a check is like a "run" in WebPageTest terminology.

We check each URL that you added to your Settings a minimum of 3 times and select the median result. This makes your results more robust and evens out any variations from a single check running slower or faster than the norm.

On your "Settings" page we show you how many checks per day you are currently using and an estimate for the number of checks you'll use in the current billing month. So if your estimate is 20,000 checks per month is means that during the month we'll load the URLs on your website 20,000 times and save the performance metrics and video frames for each check. This is the data that you then see aggregated and visualized on the SpeedCurve dashboards.

How many checks do I need?

The number of checks is based on first combining the number of settings you add:

Sites x Templates x Regions x Browsers x Times x 3 Checks = Total site checks

If you enable responsive testing on your main site, which is the first site in your account, then we also add additional checks for the 5 extra responsive viewport widths:

1 Main Site x Templates x Regions x 5 Viewports x Times x 3 Checks = Total responsive checks

Every time you use the "Test Now" button or do a deploy using the API we do an extra round of tests on your main site.

1 Main Site x Templates x Regions x Browsers (& viewports if responsive enabled) x 3 Checks = Total "Test Now" / Deploy

Then we just add the site checks, any responsive checks and also any deployment checks you've triggered via the API to get the total number of checks for the month:

Site checks + Responsive checks + Deploy checks = Total number of checks per month

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