In order to build a comprehensive view of your users' performance with LUX, we collect and store some data:

  • The page label (the value of LUX.label if it is set, otherwise the value of document.title).
  • A unique page view identifier.
  • A unique session identifier.
  • A "prettified" browser name like Chrome or Firefox. We do not collect the full user agent string.
  • Metrics taken directly from the Navigation Timing API.
  • Custom performance metrics taken directly from the User Timing API.
  • Page construction metrics such as the number of blocking scripts, DOM depth, and document dimensions.
  • Custom data that the website has sent to LUX using LUX.addData.
  • An identifier for the SpeedCurve account that is collecting the data.
  • The version of lux.js used to generate the beacon. 

We explicitly do not collect any of the following information: 

  • Information stored in the user's browser like cookies or local storage.
  • Data that could be used to identify the user like IP address or full user agent string.
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