Notifications are sent out to alert you whenever one or more of your performance budgets is crossed. We send alerts via email and to webhook endpoints like Slack and HipChat. 

It's important to remember this only happens when the budget is crossed, either from under budget to over budget, or over budget to under budget. If your test is over budget 10 times in a row, we only send a notification on the first crossover. We don't send 10 notifications. This is done to reduce spam.

If you think you should be getting notifications but you're not, check the following:

  • Did the budget crossover? Check your performance budget charts on the Sites dashboard. Notifications are only sent when the test value crosses over from red to green, or green to red.
  • Are notifications turned on? Open the Budget in your Settings and make sure the "Notifications" checkbox is checked.
  • Are you in the notification list? Check the "Notifications" section in your Settings and make sure your email address or webhook is listed.

Performance budget options

When adding a performance budget, you can choose what to attach the budget to. For example: Do you want an alert for every site or just a specific URL in one region and browser. You can also choose a threshold and percentage change for when alerts should be sent to you.

Slack alerts

Along with sending email, SpeedCurve can also push Slack alerts to a channel of your choosing. The alert includes a graph with the recent history for a performance budget so you have all the context right in Slack and can decide whether to investigate or not.

HipChat alerts

You can send performance budget alerts straight to your HipChat team. You'll get an alert in your HipChat team every time a performance budget alert is sent.

Case study: See how Zillow uses SpeedCurve to create and enforce performance budgets

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