Desktop Browsers

SpeedCurve provides the following desktop browsers to test with:

Internet Explorer 11
Safari (on Windows)

Emulated Phones & Tablets

We use the device emulation built into Chrome DevTools so your tests run in the same environment as your local development. SpeedCurve provides nine emulated phones & tablets or you can build your own custom browsers and control settings like viewport size, device pixel ratio, connection speed and even packet rate loss.

Apple iPad (WiFi, 768x1024@2X)
Apple iPhone 5 (Mobile 3G, 320x568@2X)
Apple iPhone 6 (Mobile 3G, 375x627@2X)
Apple iPhone 6 Plus (Mobile 3G, 414x736@3X)
Google Nexus 6 (Mobile 3G, 412x659@3.5X)
Google Nexus 7 (Mobile 3G, 600x960@2X)
Google Nexus 10 (Mobile 3G, 800x1280@2X)
Samsung Galaxy S III (Mobile 3G, 360x640@2X)
Samsung Galaxy S4 (Mobile 3G, 360x640@3X)

Connection Bandwidth

The connection for our tests is throttled to emulate the average bandwidth of users. When adding a Custom Browser you can adjust the connection speed to emulate slower mobile or faster fibre connections.

Download: 5 Mbps, Upload: 1 Mbps, Latency: 28ms

Mobile 3G
Download: 1.6 Mbps, Upload: 0.8 Mbps, Latency: 300ms

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